CA Summer School Options

There are two reasons to take a summer course:

  1. Credit Recovery due to failure.
  2. Using the Math Pathways outline in order to take Calculus the senior year.

A Math Department recommendation is required for this program.

Credit Recovery:

Credit Recovery courses allow 4 weeks per semester course to complete. You may complete the course in as little as 2 weeks. The CR course is not as rigorous and does not demand as much work as a regular course. Therefore, a student may only earn a D- grade for any CR course passed. (CR courses are $275 per semester). Please contact the registrar for more information.

Retaking a Failed Core Class:

If retaking a failed course allow 9 weeks to complete. This is a regular self-paced course and can be rigorous. Students will earn the grade on the transcript at the end of the course. (Courses are $275 per semester). Please contact the registrar for more information. 

Math Pathways:

Math Pathways requires full regular courses if taken online. Students must complete a full year of the math course by the next school year in order to enroll in the next math course. Regular courses are generally $550 for a full credit (full year course) and $319 for a semester course.  In person Algebra I is taught at the HS if the enrollment is met. Please contact the business office for more information and price.


All other summer school courses must be approved by the CA Leadership Team. Approval Form

Fill out this form explaining why taking a summer course is necessary and include the parent’s signature.