CA Summer School Options

There are two reasons to take a summer course:

  1. Credit Recovery due to failure.
  2. Using the Math Pathways outline in order to take Calculus the senior year. Math Pathways

A Math Department recommendation is required for this program.

Credit Recovery Forms: Click Here  

Credit Recovery courses allow 8 weeks per semester course to complete. You may complete the course in as little as 4 weeks. The CR course is not as rigorous and does not demand as much work as a regular course. Therefore, a student may only earn a D grade for any CR course. CR courses are cheaper ($149 per semester, $249 for full credit).

Math Pathways Forms: Click Here

Math Pathways requires full regular courses if taken online. Students must complete a full year of the math course by the next school year in order to enroll in the next math course. Regular courses are generally $420 for a full credit (full year course) and $319 for a semester course.  


All other summer school courses must be approved by the CA Leadership Team. Approval Form

Fill out this form explaining why taking a summer course is necessary and include the parent’s signature.