Welcome to Collegedale Academy

Collegedale Academy is a great school. We are proud of the students we serve, the faculty that teach here and the community that supports us. Our history of providing an excellent educational experience is another fact we are very proud of. We are proud of the partnerships in education that we have with our sister schools in the Greater Collegedale School System including AWS and CAMS as well as with Southern Adventist University.

CA's Mission Statement

“Educate, equip and inspire students to recognize God’s call, reach out to others and reveal His truth.”

CA's "Spirit of Excellence"

  • Excellence in fostering a growing relationship with Jesus Christ
  • Excellence in mentoring Christ-like relationships and Adventist values
  • Excellence in enabling all students to achieve their academic potential


As the Revolutionary War was drawing to a close, speculation grew as to whether George Washington was going to make a grab for supreme power. His resignation speech on Dec. 23, 1784 in Annapolis, Maryland was an astounding display of humbleness and gratitude to those he served with during the War. “. . . . I should do injustice to my own feelings not to acknowledge in this place the peculiar Services and distinguished merits of the Gentlemen who have been attached to my person during the War. . . . .” Truly, this man exemplified the notion of service and devotion to his country. Today I see the same kind of service and devotion on a daily basis with the faculty and staff here at Collegedale Academy. Staff that are willing to give up their time to help a student in need, answer a question, or take time for prayer. It is because of this spiritual commitment to excellence that Collegedale Academy affords its students/families an atmosphere of spiritual development in an academic environment. For our current families, welcome back for another school year of growth and bonding. To those that will be new on campus, we welcome you to our FAMILY. Last, for those that may think about CA in the future, our doors are open. Collegedale Academy is dedicated to its mission of educating, equipping, and inspiring our students to a life of excellence now and for eternity!

Brent Baldwin - Principal