Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees (known locally as the Collegedale Academy School Board) is a group of individuals invested in seeing that Collegedale Academy (Elementary, Middle & High) provide great education. The Board members are Georgia-Cumberland conference executives, elected representatives and pastors from the six, constituent Seventh-day Adventist (SDA) Churches which provide consistent, financial support to Collegedale Academy including: Collegedale, Collegedale Community,  Chattanooga Hispanic, Hamilton Community, McDonald Road and the Spanish-American Church.


The primary purpose for the board is to oversee the “big picture” for the Collegedale Academy particularly as it relates to meeting the mission and vision of the system as well as to ensure sustainability into the future.  The building principals give reports and updates from their schools.  There are several sub-committees that also give reports including the finance, personnel, policy, and home and school association.

At present, the Collegedale Academy board is involved in a strategic planning initiative that began during the 2012-2013 and is on going.  The Collegedale Academy strategic plan will be the roadmap for future growth and development of the system.

Board Meetings

Collegedale Academy board meetings are scheduled for four times a year.
During the 2020-21 school year they are being held virtually on the Zoom platform.
If you are interested in joining these meetings, contact any principal to receive an invite/link to the meeting.






Collegedale Academy School Board Members include:

Kurt Allen – GCC - Treasury (Ex-Officio)

Pam Arner - Associate Principal, grades ECEC -5 (Ex-Officio)

Brent Baldwin – Head of School & Principal, grades 9-12 (Ex-Officio)

Steve Blackburn – Collegedale Academy CFO (Ex-Officio)

Misty Brennen – Personnel Chair, Collegedale Community Church

Travis Crawford – Associate Principal, grades 9-12 (Ex-Officio)

Nate Dubs - Collegedale Community Church (Ex-Officio)

Gamaliel Feliciano - Collegedale Spanish-American Church (Ex-Officio)

David Ferguson - Collegedale Church (Ex-Officio)

Brenda Flores-Lopez - Collegedale Church

Maria Ford - McDonald Road Church

Fred Fuller – McDonald Road Church (Ex-Officio)

Danny Garcia - Collegedale Spanish-American Church

Greg Gerrard –  GCA (Ex-Officio)

Xochitl Guerra – Chatt. Hispanic Comm. Church (Ex-Officio)

Jeff Guild - Collegedale Church

Keith Hallam -S.Union Conf. - Educ. Dept (Ex-Officio)

Greg Hudson  - Collegedale Community Church (Ex-officio)

Barbara Hunt – Principal, grades 6-8 (Ex-Officio)

Dave Ketelsen - Hamilton Community Church (Ex-Officio)

Kevin Kossick – GCC - Education (Ex-Officio)

Blake Laing - Collegedale Church

Duane Lemon – McDonald Road Church

Doru Mihauscu – Policy Chair, McDonald Rd Church

Nora Moody – Chair, Collegedale (Ex-Officio)

Chad Nash – Collegedale Church

Tammy Overstreet - SAU School of Ed & Psychology

Jorge Quintiana – Pastor Chatt. Hispanic Comm. (Ex-Officio)

Jeff Richardson – Associate Principal, grades 6-8 (Ex-Officio)

Gary Rustad - GCC - President (Ex-Officio)

Kasi Schraeder - Home & School Co-Leader

Brent Shrode - Vice Chair, Collegedale Church

David Smith - Collegedale Community Church

Rick Stern – Finance Chair, Collegedale Church

Chris Stewart - Collegedale Community Church

Nick vanZyl – McDonald Rd Church

Tom Verrill – SAU - VP for Finances (Ex-Officio)

Samantha Walter - Collegedale Church

Melissa Weddle – Principal, grades ECEC - 5 (Ex-Officio)

Kristi West - Home & School Co-Leader

Marilee Silverstein - Recording Secretary (non-voting)


Collegedale Academy Board Meetings