Welcome to the Collegedale Academy
Early Childhood Education Center

At CA in our Early Childhood Education Center (ECEC) we provide an option for young children to begin the formal learning process in a self-guided classroom setting.

ECEC follows the Southern Union created curriculum for Early Childhood, Pebbles which is a faith-based curriculum creating an environment that encourages children to develop a personal relationship with God.

Mission Statement 

We are a Seventh-day Adventist school established to educate, equip, and inspire students to be critical thinkers who serve others and reflect Christ’s character.

ECEC’s Academics

Our education is about letting children make choices. At every age, students learn in different ways and at different rates. Our teachers are especially sensitive to the individual learning style of each child, and allow children to excel at their own pace. ECEC utilizes certain teaching strategies and other best practices in early childhood education such as an; artistic environment where children can spontaneously ask questions, investigate, create and explore new ideas.

ECEC Director’s Message

It is my privilege to be the director of the ECEC.  The energy and love of learning is very contagious. It’s impossible to put in words how beautifully our classrooms are set up so I invite you to come see for yourself.  Our one way viewing windows are a great way to observe them in action. 

The ECEC teachers love what they are doing! Their caring and patient nature is very evident.  The faith-based lessons through the day encourage the children to develop a personal relationship with God while achieving their fullest potential. Ask to see the beautify crafted Bible story manipulates that were developed especially for us.

Come by and see us in action.

 -Missy Weddle - ECEC Director