Why your Gift Matters


Get Involved and Give Back

You are a believer. You do not need convincing about the critical importance of Christian education.  You have perhaps experienced firsthand the impact a Christian school has on the life of a young person. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could accept all students, irrespective of their financial situation, desiring to attend Collegedale Academy?   And when there is a willingness to work hard and help pay for their tuition alongside our support with financial aid, wouldn’t it be awesome to have the resources available to make it happen for each one?

Your generosity allows us the opportunity to fulfill our mission: to educate, equip, and inspire students to recognize God’s call, reach out to others and reveal His truth.  Thank you!



The 9th Annual Sandy Erickson Race for Christian Education

Give to the Sandy Erickson Race for Christian Education Fundraiser!  Please indicate the student that you are sponsoring if applicable.  Thank you for your gift!


The Annual Strawberry Fundraiser

We have already placed our strawberry order on Thursday, 1/28/2021 therefore we cannot accept any new orders.  Thank you for your interest and we will see you next year around this time.

However, if you did place an order, we will be in touch with you, via email, with a delivery window, usually 2-3 days notice, sometime between February 1st and mid-March.  It will definitely not be March 15-19 as this is CA's Spring Break.  Thank you!