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You are a believer. You do not need convincing about the critical importance of Christian education.  You have perhaps experienced firsthand the impact a Christian school has on the life of a young person. While each student’s experience is unique, every student’s experience is profound.  The Greater Collegedale School System is a Christian community of learners, dedicated to extraordinary accomplishments.  We seek to inspire our learners to think deeply, live fully, serve unselfishly, and love God completely.  We are proud of our school and what God has done in our lives and that of our community.  We are equally excited about our future - God is faithful to His servants!

Our Vision

We know that our youth ministry is possible because of our dedicated donors, people like you, who see that a strong Seventh-day Adventist education will impact our students now and more importantly into eternity.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could accept all students, irrespective of their financial situation, desiring to attend GCSS?   And when there is a willingness to work hard and help pay for their tuition alongside our support with financial aid, wouldn’t it be nice to have the resources available to make it happen for each one?

It is our desire is to offer that profound, life-shaping experience to as many students as possible.  For many, that requires the generous financial support of those whose lives have been most directly affected by this institution.  People like you! Your support can make the difference for a young person who couldn't otherwise afford a Christian education.

Thank you for investing in our young people, now and into eternity.  Your generosity allows us the opportunity to fulfill our mission: to educate, equip, and inspire students to recognize God’s call, reach out to others and reveal His truth.


It is Strawberry time!  Our supplier has indicated that they will deliver strawberries sometime in February to Collegedale, TN.  They will give us a 2-3 day advance notice.  Unfotunately, they cannot be any more specific with their time frame.   Pick up will be at the Middle School building, located at 4856 College Dr E, Collegedale, TN 37363.  The deadline for the strawberries will be January 31, 2020 please.

You may order a flat of strawberries (8 plastic containers) for a minimum of 8lbs per flat and the cost is $25.00 (enough to share).  Or you may purchase a 1/2 flat for $15.00.  All proceeds benefit the Worthy Student Fund and helps provide the $380,000 that absolutely must be raised this year to meet tuition assistance commitments to current CA students.


GCSS Partners Endowment: Benefiting Worthy Student Fund

As we consider the future of the GCSS, one of our greatest concerns is the financial needs of some of our families pursuing a Seventh-day Adventist Christian education.  Our financial aid is awarded by using our Worthy Student Fund (WSF).  This fund is critical to our mission in furthering our ministry for every student, especially for those families that couldn’t otherwise afford it.

To meet this need, we have partnered with the Georgia-Cumberland Conference (GCC) and are participating in a pool in which they are managing more than $20 million dollars to date, including the GCSS Endowment. The pool will generate a 4% draw off of the principal. This is a school-wide endowment benefiting K – 12th grade.  
Our goal is $8 million for the GCSS Partners Endowment.  We have officially kicked off this campaign on August 31, 2017!   To make a donation, click below.

Billy McKee Personal Responsibility Endowment

This scholarship fund has just recently been established by friends and classmates to honor Billy McKee. The primary focus will be to provide partial scholarships to students at the Greater Collegedale School System (GCSS). The scholarship criteria will focus on students who demonstrate and promote personal responsibility as Billy did. Some of these character traits will include compassion, integrity, honesty, friendship, loyalty, and respect. Contribution can be made out to Collegedale Academy/Billy McKee Memorial Fund or to make a donation click below.

Roy F. Battle Scholarship Fund

Family and friends have set up the Roy F. Battle Memorial Scholarship Fund in his memory. The Beneficiaries of this scholarship will be worthy students who are active in many areas and demonstrate a well rounded Christian character while attending Collegedale Academy. Contributions can be made out to Collegedale Academy/ Roy F. Battle Scholarship Fund or you can click on Donate above. Two scholarships, one to a senior boy, are presented at graduation each year.  To make a donation

Worthy Student Fund

This fund serves our students in the current year with financial aid dollars. Gifts can be designated by campus (AWS, CAMS, CA).

Collegedale Academy Athletics--Banner Program

The way the Collegedale Academy Athletics Banner Program works is that for an investment of $350 your first year, a banner will be designed and hung in the gym where hundreds of individuals will see your business advertised every time they attend an event.  Each following year your banner will continue to hang on the gym wall for a gift of $300.  (The donations are tax-deductible.)  If your banner is already hanging in our gym, we would only ask a $300.00 donation to continue your support of our program.

Sandy Erickson Race for Christian Education

In order to raise money for the Worthy Student Fund (WSF), we developed a 5K and Kids Fun Run, in honor of Sandy Erickson, our beloved teacher who taught first grade for over twenty years at A.W. Spalding Elementary School.  Mrs. Erickson cared deeply for each of her students, working one-on-one to enhance their success.  When diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease), she kept her cheery attitude and sense of humor, exemplifying Christ’s selflessness.  With admiration, we decided to dedicate the 5K and Kids Fun Run to Mrs. Erickson.  This year's race will be Sunday, November 3, 2019.

Yes, I want to GIVE to the Sandy Erickson Race for Christian Education!

CA Associates

CA Associates are a distinguished group of individuals whose outstanding generosity demonstrates a commitment to the tradition of yesterday and the vision of tomorrow. CA Associates are individuals committed to growing the “Spirit of Excellence” through their financial support of projects that enhance the campus and promote the spiritual, intellectual, physical and social development of the students. Mr. Kermise Rowe, principal and faculty member of Collegedale Academy for twenty-four years embodied, the spirit of a CA  Associate. His diligent care for the school facilities, while serving as vice principal and principal, was outdone only by his servant leadership towards both students and faculty.  He was a charter member of the CA Associates, and his love for Collegedale Academy never wavered. Dues to be a CA Associate are $500 per year. This contribution can be paid in installments or throughout the year. For more information on becoming a CA Associate contact Marilee Silverstein at (423) 396-2124 ext 5426 or go the the CONTACT US tab above.