CA Tuition & Student Aid

Enrolling your child at Collegedale Academy is an important decision, made each year by families interested in the specific Seventh-day Adventist Christian emphasis that is a the focus of all aspects of the experience provided.

We recognize the significant investment that this entails and how these costs fit into the monthly family budget.  Below is the financial information you need as you evaluate how we, together, can partner in the education of your child.

Please call (423) 396-2124 ext. 5412 or email with financial questions.

Student Aid

Christian education is a major financial investment in your child’s future.  Many families make significant sacrifices to make sure their children are part of CA.  In some cases however, due to unforeseen circumstances or significant changes to a family situation, financial aid is needed to make enrollment possible.

The generosity of many donors allows CA to have a student aid program. In order to show good stewardship with these important funds. Collegedale Academy has a specific financial aid application process that includes documentation and deadlines that go beyond the regular enrollment application.  These requirements are in place to assure that these limited resources are distributed as efficiently and fairly as possible.

If you feel that additional resources are needed beyond the amount that you can provide each month, please complete the online Financial Aid Application linked below.  All requirements listed on the application must be completed before the application will be considered.  IMPORTANT NOTE:  By policy, we can not consider applications from families receiving educational assistance from SDA denominational employers.

While it will be our goal to fulfill your request, it is likely that other partners may still be necessary to complete a secure financial payment plan.  We encourage you to contact your local church, as most churches in our community offer their own financial aid program for members.  We work closely with these churches to help you accomplish a monthly financial plan that will be successful for the time your child is enrolled.

Working together – parents, student, church and school – enrollment at Collegedale Academy can be a reality, and that is our mutual goal for your family.

Please contact the Business Office at 423-396-2124 for further information.  If you need to set up a specific appointment to discuss your situation, please let us know and we’ll be glad to spend the time together.  Our mission is for each student with a desire to enroll here to have that opportunity. Give us a call and together, let’s make it happen!