Welcome to Collegedale Academy

Located in the heart of Collegedale, Collegedale Academy is surrounded by Southern Adventist University and the Collegedale Seventh-day Adventist church.
Our elementary, middle and high school work collaboratively while teaching students day-to-day in their respective building.

Elementary School (grades K-5) and
Early Childhood Education Center (Preschool students ages 3-5)

Spiritual Focus

At the elementary, we strive to help grow our children into a close relationship with Jesus Christ.  We have a school chaplain, as well as a volunteer chaplain program. Bible classes are taught daily along with weekly school-wide chapel services. Each fall and spring the students participate in weeks of spiritual emphasis - know as a week of prayer. The elementary school also encourages and provides opportunities for a variety of community service projects.

A very practical way elementary school teaches and models a relationship with Jesus, is through our weekly  "Super Friends" program. These class meetings teach the students proactive friendship; how to build strong friendships and be a good friend to others.

Academic Focus

As with all the grade levels, elementary is a Christian community of learners dedicated to extraordinary accomplishments. Elementary school seeks to inspire its learners to think deeply, live fully, serve unselfishly, and love God completely. It offers two classrooms of each grade level offering standard academic classes in language arts, reading, math, social studies and science. Additionally, computer, music, art, library and PE classes are standard curriculum for every grade level.

Elementary students participate in assessments and testing, including Dibels, the Iowa Assessment and  ERB Authentic Writing Assessments. Each year all students' math and reading skills are assessed with Aimsweb. Our students traditionally rank high in all areas, and exceptionally high in writing and reading skills.

Our teachers regularly participate in professional development trainings throughout the summer months. They continually update their practices and curriculum to best serve our students. Teachers use a variety of teaching methods to reach the variety of learning styles of the students that make up each classroom.

Enrichment Opportunities

Elementary offers a wide variety of enrichment classes that make our school a great place to be. Each student participates in fine arts (art and music), outdoor/environmental education, computer concept skills, reading time in the library, and physical education. 

Music class gives the students an appreciation of music and allows them to experiment with voice and instruments. Additionally, Private music lessons are available and often can be taken during the school day. Private lessons taught at elementary include voice, stings, piano and guitar. Art class stimulates children’s creativity and aids in their overall development through painting, drawing, art games, mosaics, sculpture, creative writing and literature.

Environmental education enables children to enjoy and gain a greater appreciation for God’s handiwork through outdoor exploration.

We also offer technology that reinforces children’s learning experiences through educational activities in math, reading, language, science, and geography.

Our library encourages our students to broaden their interests and fall in love with reading. During weekly visits, they learn to check out books, listen to stories and participate in hands-on activities. Our Readiness Skills prepares our students for the next step in their academic careers by expanding their math, language, motor and social skills.

We make sure our physical education provides organized instruction that teaches our students coordination, teamwork and how to follow multi-part directions. We also offer technology that reinforces children’s learning experiences through educational activities in math, reading, language, science, and geography. Our library encourages our students to broaden their interests and fall in love with reading. During weekly visits, they learn to check out books, listen to stories and participate in hands-on activities.

We make sure our physical education provides organized instruction that teaches our students coordination, teamwork and how to follow multi-part directions.

Elementary school offers intramural sports after school for all students regardless of grade or ability level including soccer, basketball and flag football. Additionally, cross country is available for all students in grades 3-5 with the same interscholastic league middle school participates in, the Independent School Conference (ISC). 

Early Childhood Educational Center 

Spiritual Focus

ECEC creates an atmosphere that encourages a positive, supportive and Christ-like environment that promotes a child’s self-esteem and sense of security. The program follows the NAD recommended program Pebbles which is comprised of faith-based lessons that encourage children to develop a relationship with God.

Educational Focus

At every age, students learn in different ways and at different rates. Our teachers are especially sensitive to the individual learning style of each child, and allow children to excel at their own pace. ECEC utilizes best practices in early childhood education where children can spontaneously ask questions, investigate, create and explore new ideas.

Enrichment Opportunities

ECEC is unique because we offer an enrichment program where students can expand their skills and develop a love for learning by participating in educational opportunities offered to all the students on the elementary campus. ECEC students have the same in school opportunities as the elementary students including library, computer instruction, art, physical education, and music. This is a good opportunity for them to spend time preparing to transition into a traditional classroom setting.

Middle School (grades 6-8)

Spiritual Focus

The middle school academic program is built on a spiritual foundation from which academic, physical, and social development take place. Students have Bible class four days a week along with a school-wide chapel assembly on Fridays.  Students are taught and encouraged on how to lead out in spiritual settings. It is our custom for our middle school students to lead out in spiritual weeks of emphasis for the elementary students, just as the high schoolers do for them.

Academic Focus

Academic life in middle school is in balance with our spiritual focus and well-rounded approach, builds and prepares our students to be academically challenged and supported while having the opportunity to be contributing members of our school and community. It is our goal for each student to grow during their middle school years to achieve intellectual, emotional and mental readiness in preparation for Academy/High School. Our teachers and administration are dedicated to the students’ growth in and outside of the classrooms.  Our credentials include accreditation with the Adventist Accreditation Association (AAA), the Middle States Association and middle school has Adventist EDGE school status.

Enrichment Opportunities

Our students are very involved in music and art. At middle school students develop their fine art skills with a variety of choices: art class, select choir (Caroliers), strings orchestra, bell choir (Collegedale Ringers) and both intermediate and advanced band. Each middle school music group performs quite regularly throughout our local churches, in musical festivals and on periodic tours.

Here our students have a variety of athletic programs to choose from. We offer school intramural sports as well as a teams sports program. Middle school intramural sports are flag football, soccer, basketball, volleyball, badminton and floor hockey. Team sports include cross-country, girls volleyball, soccer, basketball, golf, tennis. Our interscholastic teams compete in the Independent School Conference (ISC). 

High School (grades 9-12)

CA building header

Spiritual Focus

At our high school, we aim to provide an environment where spiritual growth and development among our students and staff is hailed and encouraged. Bible classes, chapels, mission trips, local community outreach, bible conferences and bible studies, form the foundation for our spiritual activities which are infused throughout our high school program. Day-to-day students volunteer to offer worship thoughts and music during our daily chapels, in addition to leading weeks of spiritual emphasis for elementary and middle school students. Bible classes encourage group discussion and discovery. The students have the opportunity to participate in international mission trip activities. These trips have combined evangelism, music, medical and construction opportunities for our students. (Quote from our high school chaplain).

Academic Focus

The high school provides an academic program with three high school diplomas: regular, college prep and CA Scholars. Digital textbooks are used in most classes. Each year all students have issued the use of an iPad to enhance their learning through advanced and up-to-date mediums.

Core academic courses include: English I/II/III/IV, Algebra I/II, Geometry, Statistics, Pre-Calculus, Calculus (AP), Bridge Math, Advanced GeoScience, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Geography, World History, US History, US Government, Economics, Physical Education, Wellness, Cardio-Strength Training, Team Sports, Acro-Force (select gymnastics team), Spanish I/II, French I/II,  Art Appreciation, Sculpture, Drawing/Painting, Band, Orchestra, Jazz Band, Bella Voce (general girls choir), Frontmen (general boys choir), Opus (select mixed voice choir) Advanced Woods/Cabinetry, Home Maintenance, Digital Lifestyle, Multi-Media Design, Life Skills, Journalism, Personal Finance, Study Skills, Yearbook.

For students who excel in extreme, rigorous academics, CA Scholars may be an option. (Page on CA Scholars).

High school students may also take dual-enrollment classes through Southern Adventist University.  Dual-credit classes include Anatomy & Physiology, Comp 101/102, and Music in Western Culture. Students attend these classes at the high school and the classes are a part of their regular course schedules.

Southern Adventist University offers high school students the opportunity to take general education college classes for a discounted rate. These classes are offered on Southern's campus and must be attended by the student outside of their high school schedule.

Students can acquire university level math credits through CLEP and AP exams. We also administer the PSAT and ACT to our students. Our graduation rate is 98% with approximately 96% of our graduates going on to two or four year college and university programs. ACT results are also ahead of state and national averages.

Enrichment Opportunities

Students at our high school have a broad selection of activities to choose from - spiritual, academic (both aforementioned) artistic, musical and athletic activities to choose from.

The Arts are an integral part of education. As part of the learning process, fine art balances the curriculum to develop the whole intellect. Here at our high school, we are often complimented for our outstanding fine arts programs: band, jazz band, choirs, orchestra, and visual arts. Parents can find our music groups in action several weekends per month in local Seventh-day Adventist Churches. Additionally, the musical instrument organizations take a tour every year up and down the east coast. Our orchestra has played at Carnegie Hall in New York City, in addition to playing and traveling in Chicago and Boston. Our band has most recently toured in Washington DC and Savannah; while the Jazz band makes many local appearances all year long, providing outdoor summer concerts and appearances in local parades.  Our choir department often tours internationally and regularly makes a bi-annual trip. Past tours include praise concerts in Fiji, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico. Our music and art departments combined efforts every other year to present a full-fledged musical involving a large portion of the student body. The community relishes in these presentations with more than 1,400 people for four shows. Past shows include Music Man, Fiddler on the Roof, and Sound of Music. This spring the high school's fine art's program will present Hello, Dolly. Watch for more details.

The overall purpose of the high school's visual art program is to provide the student with a basic understanding of visual arts, an appreciation of God as Creator and artist, and a discovery of self-expression through the visual arts. The visual arts courses at our high school are to deal with the nature of art, the evaluation of art, the processes and materials of art. Throughout the year art, students will complete projects that will cover a variety of media and techniques and styles. Students are encouraged and provided venues to display their art publicly. In conjunction with the high school Music department, which produces a school musical bi-annually, the student has hands-on experience designing scenery, sets and providing stage management.  

Students in our high school have a variety of athletic options - individual and team sports, as well as intramurals and interscholastic sports. High school sports are golf, cross-country, tennis, track and field, girls volleyball, guys and girls soccer and basketball. Each year an intramural schedule is published for all students to participate in sporting/recreational activities with the entire student body.