Dual Enrollment Seniors/Juniors

Dual Enrollment Classes offered at CA and requirements

Composition 101 & 102 (first semester, second semester): 1 CA Credit
Must have a 3.0 G.P.A. to be eligible for dual enrollment PLUS students MUST HAVE ACT requirements:
-English ACT score of 23
-Writing ACT writing score of 7+ on sub sections.
-Previous English grades must be a B+ average

Class is only taught as dual enrollment. Seniors who take Comp. are essentially skipping a year of English since they will not take English IV. Textbooks are extra and are purchased through SAU’s Campus Shop. Tuition is billed at 10% of current SAU credit hours each semester. College credit may be transferred to other colleges. The transcript request must be sent to SAU by the student and an official copy sent from SAU to the other institution. Some select colleges/universities have been known to deny credit. If your student is planning on a certain college/university, you should check that school’s requirements. Composition 101 & 102 equals 3 hours each and 0.5 English credit each semester at CA. A note about ACT testing: Comp. 101/102 is filled on a first qualified, first come basis. Those who do not qualify with ACT test scores their junior year and re-take during the summer months are not guaranteed placement in Composition. SAU's ACT testing is ONLY for the English portion. They do not offer the writing test.  SAU’s residual test dates are available by calling the Student Success Center at 423-236-2782.

Human Anatomy and Physiology (A & P): 1 CA Credit
Prerequisite(s): Minimum 3.0 G.P.A for seniors and 3.5 G.P.A. for juniors.

(SAU Course #BIO: 101-(I-4a), 4 hours) A study of the fundamentals of human anatomy and physiology.  This course covers basic cytology, histology, musculoskeletal, integumentary, nervous and endocrine systems (course applies to nursing degrees and Natural Science requirements for other majors at SAU).  This course will not apply on a major or minor in Biology at SAU. Check college of choice for transfer credit acceptance. Non-dual enrollment students may also take this course for high school credit.

Statistics (CL): 1 CA Credit
Prerequisites: Regular Algebra 2 with "B" in 1st and 2nd semester and Math ACT >= (greater and equal to) 19 and teacher recommendation. GPA of 3.0 for seniors and 3.5 for juniors. 

This is a dual enrollment course that follows the syllabus prepared by the Math Department of Southern Adventist University. The course introduces students to the major concepts and tools for collecting, analyzing, and drawing conclusions from data, including data exploration, probability and simulation, and statistical inference.

Music in Western Culture: 0.5 CA Credit
Music in Western Culture is a semester long study in music appreciation. All kinds of music from the middle ages to the present day will be studied. Extra fee for fields trips is $175.00. This is a dual credit class through SAU. Only seniors are eligible for dual credit. Dual enrollment requires a 3.0 G.P.A/3.5 G.P.A. for juniors. AN EXTRA FEE IS REQUIRED FOR DUAL ENROLLMENT. Three hours of college credit is possible. Non-dual enrollment students may also take this course for high school credit only.

NOTE: Music majors may or may not get to use this towards their major. Petitions must be made for that with SAU. Music in Western Culture equals 3 hours of college credit and .5 fine arts credit at CA.


Pre-Calculus: The class prerequisites require satisfactory completion of Algebra I, II and Geometry. A challenge exam for each semester is available at SAU in the spring for college credit.

Classes off campus: Seniors must have 6 classes each semester of the senior year. However, class #6 may be taken off campus if a senior wants to take a college class. Off campus classes must be scheduled without conflicts in the regular CA schedule. Evidence of the course registration must be presented to CA. Students are billed directly for these classes and CA accounts are not involved.

Dual Enrollment Scholarships

The Tennessee Hope Scholarship (TSAC—TN Student Assistance Corp.) forms are filled out entirely online via the Hope Scholarship website and must be completed at the beginning of each semester to receive the scholarship. Please see the link for award amounts each semester.

Billing and Credits for CA Dual Enrollment Courses

Southern Adventist University bills Collegedale Academy for the dual enrollment class(es) usually in November and March of the respective semesters.  Dual enrollment scholarship funds are sent to Southern by TSAC and credits are transferred from Southern to CA and appear on CA accounts a few months later. There can be a 2+ month lag between billing and dual enrollment scholarship crediting of accounts.

Advanced Placement (AP) Classes

AP Calculus: This class is taught at an Advanced Placement (AP) level. The AP test is administered in May. Check your college/university of choice for the test score required for college credit.

AP US History: This class is taught at an Advanced Placement (AP) level. The AP test is administered in May. Check your college/university of choice for the test score required for college credit.