CA Senior Information

Senior Portraits

All senior portraits are taken over the summer. Please contact Lifetouch/Prestige Portraits at 892-1332 or to schedule your portrait sitting. Remember that pictures for the CA yearbook must be from the official background and students must not be wearing jewelry.

Class Dues/Fees               120 ($60 Per Semester)

Senior Survival                 $100

Senior Class Trip              $300 (Included in Tuition)

Graduation Fee                $90



New seniors wishing to graduate from Collegedale Academy must spend one semester in residence carrying a minimum of 5 classes. Requests for exceptions will be considered with full review of the circumstances. Only fulltime CA students may participate in the CA graduation exercises.


To be a senior in regular standing, a student must meet the following requirements:

  1. Have completed the requirements for graduation as set forth under “Diploma Requirements” by the end of the school year. Eligibility for senior class privileges includes passing necessary first semester classes—“privileges” include, but are not limited to, Senior Trip.
  2. Have recorded in the Registrar’s Office all official transcripts of previous work completed in other schools.
  3. Have no Incompletes.
  4. Have all correspondence work completed and the transcript filed in the registrar’s office as outlined under “Correspondence” by April 1.

Senior Graduation Regalia and invitations

All graduation regalia is ordered through Jostens (423) 396-4201 each fall. A cap/gown/year medallion/tassel are provided by the school. Invitations selected especially each year are also ordered through Jostens. Prices vary according to how many invitations are desired.



A transcript of credits will be mailed from the Registrar’s Office upon receipt of a written request with signature of either student or custodial parent, provided the financial account is cleared. Diplomas are issued when all academic records are completed and the financial account is paid in full. The first transcript to a college is provided free of charge. Each additional transcript is assessed a $3 fee. Please use this link: Transcript for Graduated HS Students