Math Pathways

Pathways to Calculus in High School (at CA):

  • Compacting in Middle School–Students – Complete standards for grades 6,7,8 and Algebra 1 by the end of grade.
  • Doubling Up in High School–Students take 2 math courses in grade 10 (Geometry & Algebra 2)
  • Completing accredited online classes online* with passing grade during summer, such as Algebra 1 (before entering 9th grade) or Geometry (before entering 10th grade) or Algebra 2 (before entering 11th grade). Students must have proof of completion (via transcripts) of online courses taken before taking any math class, such as Geometry, Algebra 2 or Precalculus.

 Since Tennessee State Board of Education requires students to take a math course every year during their four years in high school, the pathway to Calculus will mandate the student to take Precalculus, even if the plan to take Calculus is replaced with Statistics.

  • *Two online schools with regional accreditation accepted by C.A.
  • Alpha Omega Academy: CA is a partner in their Alliance program and CA enrolls the students directly.  Fees are applied through CA accounts.
  • Griggs Academy:
  • Math courses taken online during the summer must be completed by August 1 of the next school year in order to start the next level of math.