Technology Use Guidelines

Internet access is offered for student use with the intent to further educational goals and objectives. This service has not been established as a public access or public forum. CA has the right to place reasonable restrictions on the material the student accesses or posts. CA operates under an “opt out” policy for students regarding internet access. This means that students will be assumed to have parent/guardian permission to access the Internet at CA unless the school has received a written statement for the student’s parent(s)/guardian(s) that the student does not have Internet access permission.

Specific guidelines are in place for:


-personal use

-personal safety

-illegal activities

-system security

-inappropriate language

-respect for privacy

-respecting resource limits

-plagiarism and copyright infringement

-inappropriate access to material

-consequences of violation

CA charging mobile carts are in every classroom so there are sufficient technological resources available to the students for work at CA. Laptops are not available for taking off campus.

For the full version of the CA computer use policy please refer to the student handbook.