CA Motor Vehicle Information

CA students are allowed to drive to and from school. We want to encourage all student drivers to be respectful of other drivers and to obey all traffic laws. Many CA students have their driver’s license but for those that don’t have their license yet will need to come to the CA administration office to obtain the appropriate certificate of attendance depending on which state the student lives in. Please give the office 24 hours advance notice for the need for this form.

For students driving any motorized vehicle to and from school please review the CA handbook for all applicable policies (pages 31,34) and must have current vehicle insurance. Students are not authorized to take other students in their vehicles unless they are family members.

Please use extreme care and caution when parking and exiting the various parking lots. When a faculty member is conducting traffic, please follow their orders.

Collegedale Academy will not assume the financial burden for personal private property that is damaged, destroyed or stolen on campus.