CA Lockers

Every CA student gets access to a locker for the school year. Freshmen and sophomore lockers are located in the administration building with boys on one hall, girls on the other. These locker are the half sized lockers so there is a limited amount of space available.

Junior and senior students have one full-length locker each, and the locker will be located in either the administration building or in the science/technology building.

All student lockers come with a built in combination lock and the combination is given to the student at registration.

CA encourages all students to keep your locker door closed and locked at all times. Students are not to transport their books in backpacks between classes during the school day. Students are not to go into another student’s locker.

If a student forgets their locker combination, please go to the main office to get a copy of it.

At the end of the school year all students are asked to clean their locker out. Items left in the locker after the last day of school will be disposed of.