Our over-all visual art program is to provide the student with a basic understanding of visual arts, an appreciation of God as Creator and artist, and a discovery of self expression through the visual arts. Each classroom in the elementary school will attend an art class weekly. At the middle and high school level, students can elect to take an art course. Art teachers provide guidance and art techniques for those taking art classes.

High School Art

The visual arts courses at the high school level deal with the nature of art, the evaluation of art, the processes and materials of art. Throughout the year art students will complete projects that will cover a variety of media and techniques and styles. Students are encouraged and provided venues to display their art publicly. In conjunction with the music department, student have hands-on experience designing scenery, sets and providing stage management.

High School Art Opportunities Include

  • Sculpture
  • Drawing & Design
  • Graphic Arts  - Yearbook

Middle School Art

Art is integrated into a creative aspect for the core academic classes.
Additionally, art is an elective option for students.
Class work and projects include:

  • Painting
  • Drawing

The middle school also hosts an optional quarterly art contest for the students. The contestants designs decorate the front office area with season themes.

Elementary School Art

Art is an important part of a student's development and we are committed to providing art to each student. Grade level projects are completed during class time.