God – Joshua Riano

Understudies – Jeremy Shin, Tristan Halverson

Lucifer – George Shrode

Understudies – Jacob Peterson, Garrett Arner

Michael – Ryan Williamson

Understudies – Brandon Watkins, Jason Lee

Adam – Cyrus Cho

Understudy – Luke Plahtinsky

Eve – Abigail Valenzuela

Understudy – Chelsea Young

Mary – Erika Melendez

Understudy – Alaina Lewis

Gabriel – Emma Goddard

Understudy – Ethan Van Arsdale

Celeste – Reese Dingman

Understudy – Arrabella Block

Seraphina – Amara Wessels

Understudy – Venice Botticelli

Soleil – McKenna Gibbs

Understudy – Gracie Mattox

Lyra – Aliya Trott

Understudy – San San Huai

Neveah – Chelsea Young

Understudy -Betsy Guerra

Darius – Bradley Peterson

Understudy – Emmanuel Rivero

Helena – Alaina Lewis

Understudy – Clair Fisher

Violin 1

Avery Dingman

Amber Mayr

Sam Vila

Isabella Wiliams-Marlow

Kiana Lee

Kristin Mayr

Gemma Tary


Karina Cross

Victoria Cruz

Julian Palacios

Richard Johnson

String Bass/Guitar

Tess Navalon


Sydney Crabtree

Ava Shafer


Thomas Ziesmer

Logan Durham


Andrew Sinha


Michael Avant

Violin 2

Jonas Shin

Katiana Bujak

Josh Villa

Faith McColl

Julie Yang

Rebecca Walwyn

Kristin Mayr

Gemma Tary


Thomas Turk

Asa Reinschmidt

Paris Romero

Nathan Bisson


Andrea Boyko

Jasmine Zavala


Greg Lindquist

Nikki Ziesmer


Ben Star


Andrew Lindquist


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Lawrence Galera (Director/Composer) - is in his fourth year teaching choral and orchestral music at Collegedale Academy.  An Andrews University Alumni, he graduated cum laude with a Bachelors of Music Education and was a student of Stephen Zork, Allen Mitchell and Morihiko Nakahara.  He received his masters degree in Instrumental Conducting from the Jacob School of Music at Indiana University-Bloomington under Thomas Baldner and David Effron.  He was also a doctoral candidate in choral conducting, a voice student of acclaimed tenor Carlos Montané, and most recently with Masako Protti in Italy.  A diverse musician, Galera is a composer of four music dramas, proficient in the majority of orchestral and rock instruments, a sought-after music clinician. He teaches studio voice and string lessons, performs with the East Tennessee Symphony Orchestra, Collegedale Academy Alumni Band, Southern Adventist University Symphony Orchestra, and enjoys traveling to various opera houses around the world.  He is the proud father of three young boys: Gideon, Griffin and Gunther.

Carter Herman (Assistant Director) - is in his sophomore year at Collegedale Academy. A two-year Opus member singing as a first tenor.

Tess Navalon (Assistant Director) - is in her sophomore year at Collegedale Academy. A two-year Opus member singing as a second soprano. She also is in the orchestra and plays the bass.