The Great Controversy is a book written by Ellen G. White published in 1858 describing conflict between Jesus and Satan beginning in Heaven throughout the millennia. This musical production portrays the origins of the story of a perfect Heaven when Lucifer (Satan) was once the benevolent archangel in Heaven.  Through his jealousy, he deceives a third of the angels to turn from God; thus banishment from Heaven.  In justifying his righteousness, God creates man to test his loyalty, who fails by eating the forbidden fruit; also being banished.  The blood sacrifice of animals must be performed for the atonement of humanities sins.  The show concludes with Michael descending to earth in the form of a baby as the Messiah and final sacrifice for the descendants of Adam.

Originally written and performed by Blue Mountain Academy, PA, this composition was dedicated to Galera’s students during his tenure at the school from 2012-2019.  It is his fourth music drama as composer, director and conductor.  Galera’s music is influenced by composers of Puccini, Verdi, Wagner, Andrew Lloyd-Webber, Claude-Michel Schönberg, and Frank Wildhorn to name a few.  

Intense study of scripture and White’s book was essential in the writing of this production.  Though liberties have been appropriated for character development, the composers encourage audience participants to seek their own truth and read the books for themselves.  Galera’s passion for bible based music dramas stems from the need for ministry in this genre.  As a musician, he understands how music is heavily influenced by secular society as a deception to our youth.  He hopes for this production to not only inspire the audience, but also the students participating in the spiritual experience.