There is a $1,000 fee for all international students the first year and a $200 fee each additional year. Foreign Students will be considered for admission after the following sequence is complete:

  • 1. Fill out Application (and all associated paperwork)
  • 2. Provide scholastic transcripts
    • We do not have an ESL program,therefore they will need to speak and understand English.
  • 4. Return the application materials, transcripts:
    • *funding affidavit, housing affidavit, application fee, and SLEP score to Collegedale Academy.*

Return Material Descriptions:

*Funding affidavit—the individual(s) responsible for the student’s tuition, fees, and living expenses must write a letter and provide bank documents indicating proof of funds.

*Housing affidavit—the applicant must provide proof that living arrangements have been made. Students must live in a family setting. A shared house/apartment with college students does not constitute a family setting.

*SLEP scores—Collegedale Academy requires a combined score of at least 47. We do not have an ESL program; therefore, students must score well on the SLEP to indicate academic readiness.

You’re Accepted, Now What?

If you are accepted, upon notification you must provide the following information for the I-20 to be processed:

  • Applicant’s official name
  • Birth date
  • Grade Level
  • Country of Birth
  • Country of citizenship
  • Official residence address: Street and apt. #, City, Province, Postal Code
  • Phone number of delivery site
  • Dates/years of planned attendance at Collegedale Academy
  • Mailing address for I-20 form
  • Official name of recipient
  • Street and apt. #, city, Province, Postal code, and Phone number of delivery site

After the applicant receives the I-20 in the mail and pays the SEVIS I-901 fee, the applicant then submits the I-20 with evidence of I-901 payment to the American Consulate in the applicant’s home country. See the Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration’s websitefor further information.