Collegedale Academy's Inspire Campaign

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Sep. 13 | 5:30 p.m. | Middle School Grounds

Countdown to Ground-breaking:

It's an exciting time for Collegedale Academy!

After years of planning, Collegedale Academy is moving forward with plans for a new elementary building and have initiated the Inspire Now and for Eternity capital campaign for this project alone. Why the investment?

    • Because we recognize that the elementary school represents one of the greatest evangelism and outreach opportunities that our church offers. Keeping our children in our church and in a relationship with Jesus is our number one priority.
    • We believe this vision of a newly unified, single campus and major safety improvements will enhance our mission for every student. It will fortify CA’s commitment to excellence. A single campus will support our faculty and staff as they endeavor to provide an inspiring environment to advance student success.

Our Mission:

We are a Seventh-day Adventist school established to educate, equip, and inspire students to be critical thinkers who serve others and reflect Christ's character.

Watch our video to learn more about the Collegedale Academy Inspire Campaign



Our Vision for the Elementary Facilities:

Now is the time to expand our reach, enhance our services, and ensure that our school remains strong, responsive, and successful in the years to come. This new addition will help us provide:

  • Inspiring and impactful educational environments.
  • A safe and secure physical environment.
  • Facilities, opportunities, exposure, and inspiration needed to SET and EXCEED a standard of excellence!

Support Collegedale Academy’s Inspire Now and for Eternity Campaign today. Now is the time to ensure that Collegedale Academy will continue to remain strong, responsive, and successful in the years to come!

Progress and Current Time-Lapse

Additional Features:

Technology Centers & Science Labs

Provide opportunities for students to be active in their learning, allowing for exploration, experimentation, and real-world education.


Counseling and Chaplaincy Spaces

Provide resources for mental health counseling and chaplaincy.

First-floor Storm Shelter

Providing our students and staff a designated safe shelter space in the event of severe storms.


GOAL: $25,000,000

124 Donors

$15,755,511.48 Gifts/Pledges

$92,679.48 Avg. Gift Size

Join us as we prayerfully pursue the $25 Million Inspire Now and For Eternity capital campaign in support of a new elementary building.



Rick Stern
Campaign Chair

Collegedale Academy (CA) is at the very heart of our community. Just as CA (previously Graysville School and the Southern Training School) preceded and provided the foundation on which Southern Adventist University is built, so today CA precedes and provides the foundation on which students build their future education and their contributions to society.

Our ECEC – 4th grade education is the crucial first stage of that building process. It is essential that this part of our education keeps up with technological change, provides the environment to capture the imagination, and inspires a hunger for learning and growth.


Ken Shaw
President - Southern Adventist University

I am so blessed to be back in a community where for nearly a century and a half Christian education has been the backbone of its economy. A recent study showed that Southern Adventist University has a $152 million impact on the local area. More importantly than the financial impact is how Collegedale Academy and Southern Adventist University are impacting lives for eternity. The partnership we have with Collegedale Academy is vital for our success, the success of the community and the success of the church.


Brent Baldwin
Head of School - Collegedale Academy

Each year more than 850 young people are welcomed to Collegedale Academy (CA) by our 75+ dedicated teachers, chaplains, coaches, and support staff. We are a deeply Christian school with a purpose of preparing children to become responsible adults who contribute to the world through the varied talents gifted to them by God.

Every day I am reminded that CA is not our school, but God’s. He uses our staff to open minds and seed hearts. He uses our students to share compassion and love with one another and with others. Miracles are common on our campus because God is invited into all that we do.