Whether you call it STEM or STEAM, makerspace, digital fabrication, computer science or technology...

...at Collegedale Academy, we believe that students should be prepared for the future and learn to use their critical-thinking skills to contribute to their community.
Innovation @ CA is a holistic approach where technology is not simply taught for the sake of learning technology. We believe God has given students special, innate gifts that should be used for His glory. STEAM principles and tools should be used to help us achieve those goals. But these should never overshadow the ultimate goal of students developing their talents and skills to become servant leaders for Christ.

From Mission to Vision

Collegedale Academy’s mission: Educate, equip, and inspire students to be critical thinkers who serve others and reflect Christ’s character.

A Vision for Innovation

Engaging students to be creators, not consumers

Offering education that is transformational, not trendy

Learning through real-world experiences and hands-on projects

Using knowledge and skills to impact our community.

Building a network of support for students

Innovation @ CA Highlights

Our K-12 interdisciplinary and collaborative approach to STEAM and innovation ensures that Collegedale Academy students graduate well on their way to becoming the next generation of innovators, inventors, and leaders.

Elementary School

Intro to Computing
Typing, Word Processing, Internet research

Scratch, Lego Robotics, block coding, programmable robots

Building with simple machines and physical design techniques

Lights, gears, motors, Makey Makey




Middle School

Advanced Circuits
Sensors, LED programming, robotic vehicles

Graphic Design and Digital Art
Animation,Adobe Lightroom, CAD design

Micro:bit, Arduino, VEX code VR, Lego Robotics

Digital Fabrication
Laser cutting and etching, 3D printing, TinkerCAD

Typing, PowerPoint, Excel, Google Docs

Introduction to flight, building, and programming

High School

Arduino, robotics, mechatronics, JavaScript, Raspberry Pi

Virtual Reality
Creating custom VR experiences and digital content

Advanced Drones
Using drone technology for scientific research

Product Design
3D printing, laser cutting and etching, Fusion360 and other CAD software

Introduction to network safety

Digital Design
Graphic design with Procreate, InDesign, Illustrator, Canva, Photoshop

Computer Literacy

Working as a team
Perseverance & Grit
Engineering design process


Digital citizenship
Engineering design principles
Growth mindset
Design thinking

Digital creation

Independent research
Project management