CA Dress Standards

Students on CA campuses wear standardized uniforms. Uniforms may be obtained at our approved vendors or through our volunteer operated uniform resale shop. Resale dates are communicated through campus newsletters throughout the school year.

CA Approved Uniform Vendors

Educational Outfitters

2271 Gunbarrel Rd, Ste 107
Chattanooga, TN 37421
Store Hours: Mon-Fri 10 a.m.- 6 p.m.

Educational Outfitters has a detailed list of CA approved uniform apparel. Specific shirts, shorts, skorts, and pant options are available.

Lands' End

School Number: 900196254
Order online:
Order by Phone 6am-12am (CST): 1-800-469-2222

Use the True Fit tool on the Lands' End website to find your child's right size, or if by phone, reference your child's grade level, gender, and size.



 Uniform Resale Option

The CA Home and School Association provides uniform resale events throughout year with opportunities to sell and buy previously worn uniforms. This is a good way to obtain gently used uniforms for less cost. All campus uniforms are represented in the resale, based on what sellers provide. The resale events are held on the lower level of the elementary campus.

  • A uniform resale is held during registration in August.
  • Additional uniform resales are announced throughout the year in weekly parent newsletters.

For more information on uniform resale, please contact Heather Hoffman -

CA Jacket/Outerwear Options

 CA has a selected variety of cool weather outer wear options. All options listed below and all outwear on CA's approved Educational Outfitter's list are uniform code approved.

To place an order click on the options below

CA Pullover - form and payment to be submitted to building front or CA business office (For all grades)

CA Jacket (grades 6-8 option) - form and payment to building front or CA business office (For grades 6-8)

CA Organizational Jacket (grades 9-12 option) - form and payment to building front or CA business office (For grades 9-12)

Letterman Jacket - online ordering only (For grades 9-12)


Listed below are the detailed uniform requirements codes for each campus.

Elementary & Middle Uniform Codes

Uniform Items for Boys:
  1. Pants (pleated or flat front): khaki or navy
  2. Shorts: khaki or navy blue
  3. ShirtsRed, white, navy blue, grey, or forest green
  4. Hoodies: gray (NOT classroom attire for CA - middle)
  5. Sweatshirts: red, navy blue
  6. Sweaters/Cardigan/V-neck Pullover: red, navy blue
  7. Jackets/Pullover Fleece/Fleece Vest: red, gray, or navy blue
  8. Shoes: your choice of closed toes (flip-flops and sandals are not permitted)
Uniform Items for Girls:
  1. Pants (pleated or flat front): khaki or navy blue
  2. Shorts: khaki, navy blue
  3. Skorts: khaki, navy blue
  4. Skirts: khaki, navy blue
  5. Polo Dress: forest green, navy or red
  6. Jumpers: (elementary students only)  khaki, navy blue, or plaid
  7. ShirtsRed, white, navy blue, grey, or forest green
  8. Blouses: white Peter Pan style collar (elementary students ONLY) (long sleeve or short sleeve)
  9. Hoodies: grey (NOT classroom attire for middle)
  10. Sweatshirts: red, navy blue
  11. Sweaters/Cardigan/V-neck Pullover: red, navy blue
  12. Jackets/Pullover Fleece/Fleece Vest: red, gray, or navy blue
  13. Shoes: your choice of closed toes (flip-flops and sandals are not permitted)
  14. Tights/Leggings: Only solid red, white, forest green, or navy blue

*If jackets are worn indoors they must be regulation. Only uniform jackets/fleece may be worn inside the school building. Non-uniform heavy coats  may be worn outside and placed on hooks when inside the school buildings. Non-uniform sweatshirts, hoodies, sweaters, or fleeces are not allowed inside the school building from 8 a.m. until the close of school. Hoodies are not classroom attire on the middle school campus.*

Elementary Friday Dress Code

Friday has been designated as Super Friend Day. Students may wear their Super Friend t-shirt with blue jeans or uniform bottoms. Yoga pants and tattered blue jeans are not within our Friday dress code. They must wear either blue jeans or uniform bottoms or will be sent to the office until other clothes can be brought to school.


CA Uniform Code (grades 9-12) 

These guidelines are not published as a moral standard of right or wrong, but are a statement of what students attending Collegedale Academy are expected to wear. They are meant to avoid distractions and help promote good decorum in the classroom. The following guidelines are meant to help students present themselves ready for school in the proper dress attire. Students are to be within these guidelines for school at 8:00 a.m., until the end of their school day. Students who are not in class, but remain on campus for work or appointments, must stay in the school dress code. School dress should be clean, properly fitted and modest. In matters of opinion, the judgment of teachers and administration will prevail. Violators of the dress code will be sent to the office if the infraction is not immediately correctable. They will be required to stay in the office until the dress code is rectified. The student will receive zero on any work missed during the time in the office. 

Uniforms Items for Gentlemen: 
  1. Plaid front or pleated slacks worn at waist with belt (with approved monograming): khaki or navy blue 
  2. Shorts (sold by Educational Outfitters with CA logo): khaki or navy blue
  3. School tie color #60 or plaid tie (optional) 
Uniform Items for Ladies: 
  1. Plaid skirt or skort (style 134, plaid #60) worn no higher than 2 inches above the knee
  2. Elbow sleeved pleated shirt: with a straight hem button down
  3. Long skirt (with monogram): khaki or navy blue
  4. Plain front or pleated slacks (worn at the waist with a belt): khaki or navy blue 
  5. Leggings may be worn under skirts in black, white or navy 
  • CA issued lanyard and student ID card at all times worn around the neck 
  • Shirts must be worn tucked in at all times. Long sleeved undershirts may be worn in black, white or navy 
  • Polos (short or long sleeve) with logo: red, white, navy, hunter green or gray
  • Oxford shirts (short or long sleeve) with logo: white, blue pinstripe. Girls must wear buttoned as to not deliberately show undershirts. 
  • Clothing should be in good condition with no tears or ripped/ragged hems. 

Cold Weather Outerwear: (From Educational Outfitters) 

  • Sweater/V-neck/pullover/vest/cardigan (with logo)
  • Fleece jacket (with logo): red, navy, green, gray
  • Scout jacket (with logo) 
  • Other outerwear options are available through CA

*No hoodies are to be worn during school hours. These are the ONLY approved outerwear items that may be worn while in school. Blankets are not approved outerwear. Other outerwear must be placed in lockers during the day.*